"I do not read the script, the script reads me" Ben Stiller


Our experience in the business has shown us that expensive, complicated and time-consuming solutions are being proposed to SMB's every day. Know what we mean ?

Your usual solution providers have understood only too well how to make a living : they sell you a big solution at rock-bottom price, knowing for a fact that you will have to cry for their help to maintin your system. They do not sell a solution, but maintenance hours. The more hours they sell, the happier they are.

This model, though sustainable for larger companies, showed numerous limits for SMB's.


From this observation, we developed a solution which we know absolutely reliable. We are certain that it requires almost no maintenance, migration or security work. This does not mean that this is a low-end solution : the security and reliability level is as high as the IT system of a bank...

This solution includes everything a normal server can do, and even more. Find out what advantages our solution can offer you.